Record Sealing / Cori

When charged with a crime in the state of Massachusetts, the charge is added to a criminal record. The term CORI is used to describe the criminal record. The charge will be placed on your criminal record, despite being found not guilty of the charges, guilty, if the case is dismissed or if you receive a CWOF. Having a criminal record can result in issues with job opportunities or other instances in your life. Thankfully, the state has enacted laws involving CORI that will allow the criminal record to be sealed. If you are seeking record sealing, the Law Office of Amanda Dowgiert can help.

Individuals who have been charged with a criminal offense or convicted can petition to have the record sealed. The effects of a criminal charge or arrest can be damaging, so it is important to speak to an experienced criminal attorney to see if your situation can be rectified with record sealing.

With our criminal record sealing services, we can provide assistance with cases that resulted in a conviction, dismissal, continued without a finding, pre-trial probation or general continuance. When you have a criminal record, it will impact your life after the case has been resolved, despite a negative or positive outcome.

When you try to apply or interview for a job, go to college, purchase a home or apply for financial aid, you will be affected by the criminal record. A background check is conducted in several instances of life. When the check is requested, your criminal offender record may be pulled. Without record sealing, then your record will show up and you may lose out on the endeavor you seek, such as employment or housing.

Sealed Records

After your records have been approved for sealing, you have the option to legally replay ‘no record’ when you are questioned about any prior arrest or appearance in criminal court during a job interview. When the records are sealed, then the charge will no longer be listed on your record, so it will not be seen during a background check involving a criminal record.

With our help, you can fully understand the record sealing process and your legal rights involving CORI checks and applications involving employment or schooling. Several factors are considered when trying to seal criminal records. This can include the disposition from the case and the time frame that has passed since the resolution was found in the case.

A petition for sealing criminal records can go two ways. First, the Commissioner of Probation may be petitioned to seal the record based on certain circumstances. Second, the individual can file directly with the MA District Court, the Superior Court or the Municipal Court where the case was heard.  A hearing would be set up and then we work to ensure your petition is approved.

If you have a criminal record that you want to go away, we can help. Record sealing can give you a fresh start when it comes to schooling and employment. Contact our office today to learn more about the sealing process and how we can help get you started.